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This Pancake Pillow Is Selling Like Hotcakes!

Do you love your pillow?

For most people sleep comfort is all about pillow height.

That’s why we created the Pancake Pillow!  The adjustable height pillow you custom fit to your own perfect pillow height.

With six super soft inner pillow layers, choose your number to create your own perfect pillow size.  Change your mind? No Problem.  Add or subtract layers to change your pillow.

Buying pillows for the the whole family can be confusing as everyone has different sleeping positions and pillow preferences.  But you can’t go wrong with the adjustable Pancake Pillow -  It perfectly fits everyone!   Create the perfect pillow height for Side Sleepers, Stomach Sleepers and Back Sleepers.

The Pancake Pillow Adjustable Layer Pillow ... because the perfect fitting pillow means you’ll enjoy better more restful sleep!    

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Martin Carmichael
Martin Carmichael