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March 10, 2019


“Sleep Comfort Is All About Pillow Height “ - That’s the motto at Gravity Sleep, a Virginia based bedding startup that is getting rave reviews for it’s unique design PANCAKE PILLOW®

The Pancake Pillow is an adjustable height pillow that features six soft stackable inner pillow layers. The idea is that you adjust the number of layers to create your own personal perfect pillow height - ranging from a very thin pillow to a quite tall pillow with with all six layers enclosed in the zippered case.

We hear from a lot of people who can’t sleep well or can’t get relief from neck or back pain while sleeping. They’ve tried dozens of pillows and even the super expensive beds. But the problem might actually be your pillow height…

Dialing in your own personal perfect pillow height is the secret to the best sleep of your life

That’s why we created the Pancake Pillow a few years ago and it’s been getting rave reviews from many thousands of customers ever since.

The filling material in the inner layers is a down alternative microfiber that is just dreamy soft. It really is like sleeping on a cloud. The pillow does firm up the more layers you use, but it definitely is a softer more like a down pillow feel than all the hard memory foam pillows flooding the market recently.

We’re not really fans of memory foam, or shredded memory foam, or the famous foam blocks for pillow filling materials you see all over the place now. We wanted to create a truly innovative pillow made of the same type soft fill pillow materials that people grew up with and have loved for years. That’s the Pancake Pillow!

The Pancake Pillow is on Sale for $69.99 for Queen Size and that includes fast free shipping!

And of course it’s risk free to try with our 30 day 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.

With The Pancake Pillow you’ll never buy the wrong sized pillow again!

“Best Pillow Ever”
“I Finally Found My Perfect Pillow”
“Love This Pillow! No More Neck Pain!”

The pillow comes with six dreamy soft soft stackable inner pillow layers. We call them Pancakes!

Many who like a thin pillow use just one or two of the layers. (And they often make a bonus pillow or two from their unused layers!) Those who like medium height use 3 to 4 layers, and those who like a very tall pillow use 5 to 6 pancake layers.

It’s easy to adjust the height as the custom 100% cotton pillow case is zippered on 3 sides like a suitcase, making it simple to flip open to add or subtract inner pillow layers.

Your pillow is very personal… Don’t buy one off the rack. Custom Fit Your Perfect Pillow Height with the Pancake Pillow!