FAQ | PancakePillow

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For the Zippered Case we suggest machine wash and dry on cotton settings as it is 100% cotton. For the Inner Layers we suggest machine wash gentle and tumble dry low. The Inner Layers do not take long to dry.

Thanks so much for purchasing our Pancake Pillow. We’re getting great response to the product and we hope it works great for you too!

If you experiment with the number of layers and different heights we’re sure you’ll find your own perfect comfortable pillow height.

If you’re not using all 6 pillow layers, consider buying our EXTRA ZIPPERED PILLOW CASE to make a bonus pillow with your unused layers.

Our goal with the Pancake Pillow was to make an innovative super comfortable pillow out of the soft fill pillow materials that people love. Please let us know what you think after you’ve had a chance to try it out.